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Hello folks, and welcome to [community profile] mobius! This community is for anything and everything Sonic related. Icons, fanart, fanfiction, videos, comics, rants about the newest game, you name it, you can post it (if it's Sonic related of course)! A couple rules before we begin...

I. Keep on topic. Your newest piece of art, starring none other than your fancharacter, is not Sonic related. A piece of art involving your fancharacter AND an official character would be. Advertising for non-Sonic communities is also off topic; however, advertisements for multi-fandom RPs will be allowed, but I may change that if it proves to be too much of an annoyance.
II. If your post contains content that would earn itself an X or R-rated label, please warn the readers. Anything obscene, or possibly disturbing (these terms I will gladly expand you need or want clarification) should be behind a cut or linked to your personal site/journal. 
III. Images over 500x500 pixels and large entries must be behind a cut.
No flaming. I assume that all DWers are the perfect picture of maturity, so this probably won't be an issue. Still, be polite.